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Here you will find the most varied types of glass, with characteristics suited to your needs, combined with high technology and with specialized professionals.

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Tempered Glass

Tempered glass or safety glass is glass with greater resistance to impact and temperature. In order for the glass to gain this resistance, it undergoes a heat treatment called Tempering. The process begins with the entry of the glass into a special oven which, under tension, undergoes sudden temperature variations.

It starts with an abrupt heating of the glass, followed by an abrupt cooling. When this process is completed, the glass becomes much safer and more resistant. Tempering gives the glass greater mechanical and thermal resistance, significantly reducing the risk of breakage due to thermal shock. If the glass breaks, it breaks into small pieces, which considerably reduces the risk of injury.

Vidraria Mortágua has two tempera furnaces.

The maximum measurements are 3,330mm x 7,200mm.

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Photos: Step Social


Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is safety glass made up of at least 2 panes joined together by an interlayer. This type of glass ensures better acoustic insulation and also isolates about 99% of ultraviolet rays.

It is called safety glass because, in case of breakage, the glass remains attached to the film without risk of serious injury. Vidraria Mortágua works with 2 types of interlayer films, PVB and Sentryglas. The interlayer films unite the various glasses, preventing them from coming unstuck.

The Sentryglas film is more rigid and more resistant than the conventional material (PVB), the glass, in case of complete breakage, remains intact ensuring greater safety for its users. It is ideal for facades, stairs, bridges, balconies…

Laminated glass is used for skylights, glass for greater security against intrusion and vandalism and for better acoustic attenuation. In our factory we have two laminated glass cutting machines and a laminating line.

We can produce laminated, tempered laminated glass of any shape, with holes and notches.


Double/Triple Glass

Double-glazed windows incorporate two or more panes of glass and an intermediate profile that hermetically fills the space between the panes with air or argon gas. There is a double seal that ensures that the set remains watertight.
Developed to improve the thermal performance (avoiding heat/cold exchanges between the exterior and interior) and the acoustics of buildings (reducing the effect of acoustic pollution). It is increasingly important to choose the best glass that fits the building and the surrounding environment to combine architecture with comfort.
You should always opt for thermal glass to reduce energy consumption. By choosing glass with good thermal performance, you are reducing your ecological footprint. In our company, the double glazing lines are equipped with a defect scanner that improves the quality of our products.
Our maximum manufacturing dimensions are 7200mm x 3210mm. Double glazing is also produced with the latest generation of intermediate profile, called Super Spacer. It is a flexible silicone foam profile.
Allows to decrease the creation of condensation and further decreases the PSI value.
The Mortágua glassworks produces glass for the reference brand Climalit.
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Photos: Step Social


Digital Painting/Serigraphy

The glass undergoes a ceramic paint-based painting process.

At the end, the glass is tempered so that the paint sticks to the painted material. It allows several unique and exclusive techniques solutions.

Vidraria Mortágua has a maximum production of 4500 x 2500.