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Heat Soak Test Oven


How does the Heat Soak Test (HST) work with tempered glass?

Understanding the mechanism of spontaneous failure of nickel sulfide helped develop a method to eliminate damage-susceptible panels: the Heat Soak Test, or HST.

The tempered glass is heated to approximately 290°C for a specified period of time according to the standards applied. About 99% of glass panels with inclusions will be identified and there will be no fractures.

Why should HST tempered glass be required?

There is a growing trend to require glass used in large projects to be tested by HST. The regulations are stricter and investors are more aware of the possible consequences of spontaneous fractures of glazed systems already installed. Fractured glass panels should be quickly replaced, a very costly procedure that often requires a crane or other specialized equipment.

A damaged panel can leave restricted access facilities totally unprotected. The breakage of a tempered-glass façade that occurs at high altitudes can cause injury when fragments of glass, however small and homogeneous, reach people close to the building, which can result in legal problems to the building owner.